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1st Cobargo Scout Group


   Scouts Activities Photos


Haloween Night -Nov

Canberra Gang Show and Lego
Exhibition June


Anzac Day -  April

Rock Climbing -Aug


Canberra Cuboree
Jan 2014

Mumbulla Falls
Feb 2014

Weekend Wide Games
May 2014

Pest to Plate Aug 2014

District Camp at Noonameena
Aug 2014

Group 1st Aid Sep 2014

Snow Camp Sep 2014

Bonfire Sep 2014

JOTA/JOTI Oct 2014

End of Year Party Dec 2014

Jamborette Oct 2014

Construction camp
Nov 2014


>Merimbula Bike hike and Anzac day Dawn service at Delegate

Anzac Day at Cobargo 2015

Rock Wall Climbing May 2015

>Weekend Wide Games May 2015

>Scout Leadership Course March

Pre-Jamboree Camp Oct 2015

Jamborette Oct 2015 -  April


Cobargo Jamborette
Sep/Oct 2016

Luke's Blue Cord Hike
3rd-4th Dec 2016


Clean Up Australia Day
March 2017

Lukes Green Cord Hike
March 2017

Regional Abseiling day
April 201

Youth Week
April 2017

Kosciuszko family camp
and hike April 2017

Master Campfire Chef
June 2017

JOTA/JOTI 21st to 22nd
Oct 2017


Canoeing on the Murray
Jan 2018

Ikea Challenge, Science Scouts,
and Ice Skating Aug 2018

Jamborette at Berrima
28th Sep to 1st Oct 2017

JOTA/JOTI 20th-21st
Oct 2018

Red cord, and Green cord
Hike 26th to 28th Oct


Weekend WIde Games South and
Michelle's Wood Badge Presentation
18-19th May 2019

Demolition Night
30th May 2019

Farm Challenge camp
7th to 10th June


Fire Relief run
16th Feb 202


Canoeing on the Murray
14th-18th Jan 2021

Scouts Survival Camp
12-14th Mar 2021

Kosciuszco Hike
16th-18th Apr 2021

JOTT - Bittangabee Bay
8th-9th May 2021

16th Oct 2021


Post Jamboree Camp
11-13th March 2022

13th-15th May 2022

WWG South
21st to 22nd May 2022

State Rally
5-7th Aug 2022

30th Sep-3rd Oct 2022

15-16th Oct 2022

Hike Weekend
5th-7th Nov 2022


Scouts Drama Night
16th March 2023

Construction Camp
18-19th March 2023

24th-26th March 2023

Scouts Maccas Night
6th April 2023

Erins Adventurous Journey
11th-13th April 2023

Weekend Wide Games
19th-21st May 2023

9th-12th June 2023

20th-22nd Oct 2023


Canoeing on the Murray
24-28th Jan 2024