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1st Cobargo Scout Group


Canoe trip on the Murray, Khancoban to Jingellic - Another brilliant Gramparr activity.

19th to 23rd Jan 2018

Canoe trip article in the Bega Distict news.

In total 34, Scouts, leaders and Venturers from Cobargo, Merimbula, Lones and Canberra spent 5 days on a Canoeing trip from Khancoban to Jingellic. Temperatures ranged from 30 to 43 degrees during the day, so a lot of time was spent in the water. There were 12 Canoes and kayaks, carrying 29 people on the 103km trip down the Murray, supported by a convoy of 4 vehicles and 5 people, including "Captain Cricket" piloting a drone for a unique view of the trip.

Day 2 photos -->

Thank you to James for his ground based and aerial photography, and Luke and Fiona for their photos and videos. Between them they took over 2000 photos and videos.



Day 1 - Cobargo to Towong

Day 1, we left Cobargo at 8am, and travelled through Kosciusko national park to our campsite for the 1st 3 nights at Towong .  Along the way we stopped at Geehi for a swim and hot dogs for lunch as also at the Murray 2 Power station for a guided tour, and welcome relief from the heat in the air conditioned cafe. While there we made a good dent in their ice-cream, lollies and cold drink supply.


Day 2 photos -->








day 4