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Southern Coast District Camp    -   Noonameena Aug 2014


On the 29th - 31st Aug 2014, Scouts, Venturers and Leaders of the Southern Coast District which includes groups from Batemans Bay to Eden, attended the district camp at Noonameena Scout Camp in Pambula.


And what a weekend it was, the weather was perfect, Food was excellent, and there were many challenging activities for the Scouts, from Low ropes, Big Swing, Crate Stacking, Dragon Boat Racing, Tractor and Trailer backing, Ladder Climb, Tug of War and a wide game at night.


Please note: all activities that involve kids being at heights off the ground were setup and supervised by appropriately qualified and experienced personnel.

Opening Ceremony


Video of the

Big Swing

 in action

The Big Swing - a "Grampar" construction


The big swing is a 15M high swing, where the kids are securely strapped into an abseiling harness. This is connected to 2, 15M steel cables and then towed to the top of the swing arch with a tractor. The 1st few seconds feel like free-falling, before the swing action kicks in. The individual has full control as to how high they were towed.

Low Ropes Course


The Low Ropes Course is a series of ropes suspended just off the ground, and requires the kids to negotiate the course, using poles, vertical and horizontal ropes or just plain old balancing.

Crate Stacking


Crate Stacking is all about balance, the kids put on a helmet, and are then strapped into an abseiling harness. The tension is held by 4 supervised scouts. The challenge is to climb up the milk crates, place another one on top of the stack and then repeat the climbing and stacking as high as they can go

Ladder Climb


Ladder Climb is all about facing the challenges of height. After strapping on an abseiling harness which is belayed by 4 Scouts, the individual then has to climb the ladder which is only about 15cm wide.


Tractor and trailer backing


Take one small tractor, put it in low gear so it only moves slowly, some basic instruction on how to stop, start, move forwards and reverse ....... then add the trailer.

Video of Tractor and trailer backing

Tug of war

Tug of War Video

Dragon Boat Racing


On Sunday morning, we headed to Top Lake in Merimbula, for some Dragon Boat Racing practice, courtesy of the Sapphire Coast Water Dragons

Dragon Boat Video 1

Dragon Boat Video 2

Dragon Boat Video 3


Food can make or break a camp, however with our own "Master Chef" , Jim at the barbecue, we were fed like kings.  With breakfasts that included cereal, porridge, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, sausages and eggs, as well as a roast with veges and wedges for dinner, and chicken burgers for lunch, we all ate very well. Thanks Jim !!!

Opening and Closing


Other Photos

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