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1st Cobargo Scout Group


  Errins Adventurous Journey 11th-13th April 2023

To complete Stage 5 Bushwalking, Errin had to plan and organise a three day adventurous journey. The planning included risk assessments, contingency planning, environmental impact analysis, equipment and menu plans and so much more. The journey itself took place in the Easter holidays and the first two days involved her patrol of five scouts hiking the Wharf-to-Wharf walk from Tathra to Merimbula. On the third day the scouts hiked to Spencer Park and then launched canoes to paddle around the north shore of Merimbula Back Lake to Millingandi.

  Scouts Drama Night 16th March 2023

My name is Joanne,I am Ayla’s Mum, and a portrait photographer. As part of a scout Drama night on Thursday the 16th of March, I took along a backdrop and one studio light and we set up a little photography studio in the Scout Hall. I also took along a whole lot of hats, wigs, coloured fabrics and prop items for the kids to use. I chatted to the kids about using different items, colours, texture and ideas to make creative portraits. I showed they some examples of my work and tried to encourage them to jump in and have some fun. I needn't have worried about them being shy, they jumped right into the props and costume items and came up with some really creative ideas! After a little bit of coaching two of the older girls took control of my camera and actually took all of the photographs, they were learning about using the light as well as how to ask their models to pose. The kids had a lot of fun, I think that the only complaint was that the night had to end so soon as we could have kept going for another hour or so! The following is an example of the images that were created from the night,