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Weekend Wide Games May 2014


On the weekend of May 24th and 25th, Cobargo Scouts and Venturers, attend the Weekend Wide Games at Potato Point. The Scouts hiked round Potato Point, participating in various activities, run by Leaders. The Venturers role was to keep the Scouts on their "toes". A big thank you to the Rovers who organised this weekend, it was a lot of fun.

Pest to Plate Aug 2014.


Cubs and Scouts had a lesson in how to skin, gut and cook a rabbit. Some of them found it a little challenging but with glove on hand, they all rose to the challenge.



Group 1st Aid Sep 2014. - (Warning - Graphic Simulated injuries)


1st aid is an essential skill that is taught to all sections of the Scouting movement, even to Joeys (6-8 years old) who are taught the basics like how to apply Bandaids.  Mark from Paramedical Training Services, ran the evening with help from a "simulated" patient (Rod), who was covered in fake blood courtesy of a few popular ingredients that can be found in everyones fridge.  Add to that some fake bones, glass fragments sticking out and some "simulated raw flesh" for realism. Then just to spice it up a bit more, there was a half hidden rubber snake and a Medical alert bracelet warning that this pretend patient had diabetes.  It really set the scene for the evening. Mark patiently worked with all the bystanders, ensuring that all issues were prioritised and treated appropriately.   An excellent and educational night for all, and I am glad to say that Rod survived, in fact he was able to walk away with only a few sauce stains to show for his efforts.

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