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Weekend Wide Game - South May 2015

On the weekend of the 23rd and 24th of May 2015, 113 Scouts, 41 Venturers, 16 Rovers and many Leaders from as far as Southern Highlands, South Coast and Tablelands, Black Ranges and Southern ranges, attended Weekend Wide games at Potato Point. The Rovers of SC&T organised a fantastic weekend enjoyed by all. The weekend involved Scouts in Patrols walking round Potato Point, solving physical and mental challenges at stunt sites, being chased by Venturers and given the opportunity to win or lose points by "Old Men", with Runes and Riddles. Participants were asked to catch and bring a Dragon with them, to be perched on their shoulder for training !!

Stunt activities.


There were 5 stunt sites with a range of physical and mental activities to do. These ranged from puzzles, board games, lassoing a Dragon, Sword fights (with pool noodles), moving objects with only ropes, target practice and much more.

Sword fighting video

Teamwork activity




The weekend would not be complete without help from the Venturers, who keep the game "moving" along, by chasing the Scouts between stunt sites. If the Scouts are caught, then the Scouts lose points and the Venturers gain points. Some Venturers hang out in plain site, others dress up in camouflage gear and lay in wait in the bush.


Venturers jumping out of the bush

Old Men


The game had many elements to it for the Scouts, and some of these did not eventuate until the game had been in progress for a while. One of these was the "Old Men" (accompanied by a "young maiden"), that walked around Potato Point, offering the Scouts the option of Riddles or Runes. They also had the added advantage of being a "Safe haven" for the Scouts, against surprise Venturer attacks.   Runes, could be good or bad, you could win or lose points or even your Dragon Skill card, or you may even have to follow the Old Men for 20 minutes. Riddles gave you the opportunity to gain points - if you could solve them.


Closing Parade


At the closing parade the Potato Point Firies let the Scouts play with the fire hoses and there were many kids willing to get soaked, even in the cool weather.

Misc Photos, Scenery, and Investiture photos


A collection of different bits and pieces.

Closing Parade Video

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