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Flying Fox


The Flying Fox was setup by  the South Coast and Tablelands Flying fox team that hold the necessary qualifications required to setup and run a Flying fox.

Flying Fox Video 1

Flying Fox Video 2

Flying Fox Videos

Flying Fox Video 3

Pirate Maze - (courtesy of Shellharbour group)

Blindfolds, water, wet sponges, planks, hidden treasure, ropes to follow, - FUN !!!!




Water Slide and Giant Slide

Wombat Wee for the water slide and silicon spray for the giant slide makes you go faster


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Water slide video 1

 Water and Giant slide Videos

Water slide video 4

Water slide video 3

Water slide video 2

Giantslide video 1

Box Caving

Take a big stack of cardboard boxes, add in some table and tarps and you have indooor caving without the bats, mud and harness's. There were tight squeezes, open spaces, dead end's and many obstacles to crawl through.


Box Caving Video, you have to watch this one - Thanks Luke

Ice Blocking

Unfortunately due to a problem with the freezer, this activity did not run for as long as planned, but a few lucky Scouts did get a chance to play for a while.

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